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released June 7, 2015



all rights reserved


HOURS Durban, South Africa

Man-boys... fighting the future, figuring shit out, writing about it.

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Track Name: Lost In Our Hometown
Took by surprise, the time had passed us by
It was hard to get wrong
I said I was fine, ignore the last time i lied
We were doomed to abandon anyway

The thing about you, I can't get you out my mind and I don't want to

We're better than anyone, else who tried
We're better than anyone else

Two steps to the grave, dug and paved with our mistakes
We were waiting for
an excuse to escape, I fucking hate you all, please go away
Burn your village to the ground
Track Name: She Doesn't Love Me
I want to be at home, naked and alone
Feeling like an earthquake is coming through
Cause I got no one to blame, except myself
So I pack it all in and have a few
With the ones I love

So don't go hiding out
There's no one left to blame

Cause I ain't got the answers
She called me up just to come in my room again
She's always slipping through the night
She's doesn't love me anymore
She doesn't know it yet
She doesn't love me anymore
Track Name: 1664
I've been wandering around this whole damn country for a decade.
You lost the will to find the energy to fight,
while I broke down and settled with the highway.

I'm pleading with my clock, like some unforgiving god.
Like a merciless messiah.
I've cursed for worse and I've stressed,
I am missed and I have mis-stepped.

It's easy to find your bearing, when you don't care where you're going.
When you're young and always drunk, and were lost from the beginning.
For six straight years you stayed at home wondering,
if I even gave a fuck that you were pleading with your clock, like some unforgiving god. Like a merciless messiah. And you'd never lament the fucking second I got home.

I was an accident. I was dangerous.
And you're safer without me.
Track Name: Future History
Get this right, I'm ashamed that I'm to blame for us
Just for once, I would like to hold my tongue and spare my thoughts
Free fall into the storm
An overdose of dust
Catch my knees and break my heed
Am I the only one?

Kill some time watch this fucking out

I believe that we were like chaos lost in lust

Let's take this point and cut our strings
And tear our worlds apart
Watch it spew and echo through the emptiness of our hearts
It's broken, I can't feel the life lurking in our dark side
Suffocate the room, make your move
This ends tonight

The only thing that ever let us down
Was your ego needing to feel proud
Track Name: Insane, Man...
I believe in something better
Let's sink the ship and kill all our crew

I'll wait for a second chance; too late
I'm picking up those pieces that drove you away
It's time to find my own place
to bury my old ways
Become reliant on the skies
'Cause you know they'll never change

I believe in something better
Let's sink the ship and kill all our crew
I'm insane, man
I'm a no man
I've been lost in hell with out you

Dismantling my own pride
To rebuild it in a new way
I'm counting on thick skin but I assume that it will break
While all that I want is the warmth the of our own home
I'm a million miles away staring back at a empty space

You're not alone
Track Name: Forty-Three Twenty
The roof top is where we sat as we
smoked ourselves into a daze
we climed the walls beneath the stars
and laughed until we felt the pain
it's just too difficult
to find these words

A little to the left and fate
had shown it's ugly face again
reminding us that control
isn't always in our hands
we need to learn how to proceed

This one's for you, my friend
life can be strange and cruel
it's 4320 hours to the day
to the day that you escaped from hell

that song that made you happy
will always play
but no one gave us warning
and now it never sounds the same
drift in and out of belief

And on the night
a piece of us all died
we'll bury ourselves in memories
for what will seem like eternity of war

This one's for you, my friend
life can be strange and cruel
it's 4320 hours to the day
to the day that you escaped from hell
Track Name: Dunston Fucks Out
We're stranded back at the start
Yeah we never left all
We're just breaking into hearts
That we found along the way
And robbed them blind
And left them to decay
I robbed them blind

If anyone would know
That would be me

I turned it off in my head
Well at least I tried
I'm coming out a bend - mayhem
Those blinding lights, they never change
I've been more than wrong these days

If anyone can see
Then anyone can leave

I've got a different idea
My only hope is burning up indoors
If you can just forget that I said anything at all

We're throwing insults like adults
What the fuck happened here?
Our dreams were so crystal clear
And with the suspense you'd expect
I announce my regret
And for you I hope it's true
You keep yourself and never lose
Any way you are